Beware of the advertising agency that speaks too proudly of the awards it has won. Instead, an agency should speak of the profitability and growth it has achieved for its past and current clients.

On top of that, advertising agencies with their contacts and branches, have developed a wide network which proves beneficial to do market research. The services and the quality of the people who will be doing the work on your business should be your prime considerations. The first thing to realize is that advertising agencies are misnamed in the current economic environment. The development of the campaign includes various facets like, coming up with the theme for advertising and also the media combination which can be the most effective to popularize this theme. Great advertising agencies become great because their clients have grown and prospered. Ideally, the agency that you select should be your agency for years, growing by helping you grow. An advertising agency with their knowledge of ‘how branding works’ can help you to design an instantly-recognizable logo.

Your most significant contributions will come in the form of data and judgment. Supply data that advertising agencies can use creatively, knowing that the true definition of creativity is something that generates profits for your company. Selecting an agency means selecting a valued member of your marketing team, not simply a company that creates great advertising. A giant advertiser recently moved some of its business from its successful agency in a small city in the United States to a far larger agency in a larger city – because the larger agency had more global services, and this advertiser was thinking globally. But global matters might not influence your own decision in an agency. Beware of the ad agency that speaks only of advertising and neglects the many other functions of marketing. Because they are advertising agencies, they see their mission as advertising. That purpose is to generate profits for your company – nothing else.